8 Most Important Steps To Do Before Buying Homes for Sale Part 3

In this blog series I already informed you of the first 3 things that you should do before buying your dream house. Now, let’s get on the most important part of house hunting, finding the best house possible for you.


Many home buyers spend their Saturday afternoons going from one Open House to another in the hopes to stumble upon the perfect home! Buyers are more likely to be successful with their hunt if they go through the process in a more organized way. AllGardenGroveHomes Real Estate have some suggestions that will help anyone have an easier time with their home search, whether this is their first or fifth home purchase! "House hunt"

  • A realistic price range must be established. Stay within your price range so that you will feel more financially comfortable. In this way, you will also be able to enjoy your home much better in the future. Once you have your price range, find a neighborhood where you like your property to be located. Check the environment of your chosen property. Locate the schools and investigate the crime rate.
  • Start with a checklist. List all the items which your future house must contain. Include in your checklist the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, condition of the property,  and all added features. Highlight those items that are ‘must-haves’ and those that are “wishes” in another column. Make a copy of this checklist.
  • Take down notes. Don’t rely on remembering all the details of each house. Take notes, and lots of photos. By doing this, a number of the homes you checked on previously will be removed from the list. Of those left on the list, choose the best and make arrangements to look at them with your Realtor. As you revisit each property, check the things that you indicated in your checklist. Taking down as many descriptive notes as possible. It is hard to remember the features and description of each house if you do not have your checklist and your photos.
  • Study the data that you gathered. Consider taking this data at home for further study for a day or two. Drive around the neighborhood at any given time. Is the neighborhood safe? What about the traffic. Is it manageable? Try to narrow down your choices to two or three houses, then go back and check them again. After considering all the things in your checklist and the data that you gathered, you will be confident that you chose the best property available when you were doing your house hunting.

Next: Making An Offer


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